WebBobo-BWI fell in love with photography when I was 13. My father had thought me how to use and master a manual camera and he tested my skills quite often. I still have that camera - an all mechanical "Kiev" with 50mm, f1.4 Zeiss lens. What a beauty! It served me well for years. The first money that I had ever made was selling the photographs to my school friends. I had a small lab and produced thousands of B&W photos. When digital technology came aboard, I was reluctant to embrace it at first. It took me quite some time to jump in with both feet and I am glad that I did. It opened the whole new world for the photographic art in general. Life without it would be unimaginable today.  (Think of all those selfies taken each and every day). 🙂 Now I enjoy the photography more than ever. I even got my skills formalized by the New York Institute of Photography.  Out of all photography genres, I enjoy working with people the most. Not to say that I don't enjoy all other areas of photography, quite the opposite, but people and the human body will always be the centre of my attention. Portraits, head shots, family photos, graduations, parties, corporate and social events, maternity and newborn photos are just some of the services that I provide. I often work with new and talented models who wish to start their modelling or acting career.  I still welcome their requests for TFP and I try to accommodate them as much as possible by providing them with the initial set of photos for their own portfolio. Also, I enjoy teaching the photography and discussing about anything photography-related. If you want or need to get in touch with me, please send my an email or visit contact us page. Thank you and ..... see you around. 












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