We offer both the studio and on-location photography services. We are specialized in the studio portraits, primarily the head shots,  but we also provide a wide range of the portrait photography whether is the head and shoulder or the full body portraits for individuals or groups/families. If you plan on having a birthday party, graduation, planning a corporate event or need a corporate head shots, need a product photo - give us a call. We will be more than happy to help you out. 

Fine Art Printing

For the best results, let us print the photos for you. We have the full control of the printing process and each print is customized  - the luxury that the commercial print shops do not have. Our monitors and printers are calibrated regularly and the outcome is always very predictable.  Wide range of Epson Signature Worthy papers are available depending on the type of the photography and the personal preference. To ensure the highest quality we use only the original professional Epson products, no cheap substitutes. If framed properly, the prints are guaranteed for the lifetime and they are what is called the 'archival quality'.  The most popular papers are the Exhibition Fiber for the black & white images and the Ultra Premium Luster for the colour images. Maximum print size is up to 17" x 22" borderless. More information about Epson photo papers can be found here.

Custom Matting and Framing

If we print it for you, why not let us do the framing as well. We use wooden frames with the glass front  and we have an unique way of attaching the photos to the foam core. There is no glue or sticky tape that is ever attached to the print. We use the archival quality matts (the window for the photo) and backing foam core. At any time you can safely remove the photo from the frame and it will be in its original condition with nothing attached to it. You are also welcome to provide your own frame. We will do the custom matt cutting and complete the framing. We are here to help you to get the most out of your print. 

Photo Restoration

Do you have a priceless old photo that is fading away or it is damaged but you wish to save it for the future generations? Well, we can help you. We use the high resolution scanners in order to digitize the old photographs and to convert them into a digital format. With the help of a range of the professional photo restoration tools, we digitally correct the photos and give them their new life.